Marketing structure

The Marketing structure of the National Teams can be  summarized into the following four categories:-

i. Partners – An average of eight partners has been provided for.

This is to prevent “Clutter” but ensure product exclusively.

ii. Official Sponsors – An average of (20) Twenty sponsors has also been provided for with product  exclusively.

iii. Officials Suppliers – An average of (30) Thirty officials suppliers has been provided for with product  exclusively.

iv. Rights of Association – An average of over (50) fifty companies can be accommodated under this window.  
There is no product exclusively. Donations and grants falls into these category.


Our mission is to optimize revenues for NFF whilst maintaining a good harmony between the sport and the commercial interests. PSM believes that the huge financial requirements for the development of Nigeria football could come from the grouping of a pool of corporate sponsors, which will enjoy strict product/service category exclusivity.

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